Who cares anyway?

*Who cares, when I get beaten?
No one can see the blood flowing down my chins!
They shut their door!
They shut their windows!
No bell rings to awaken me from the lethargy,
The pain,
That “the man”, has offered to me as a gift!
Precious for him!
My strength is gone,
My head, almost forgotten,
Faces a dark future!
My bones ache,
My heart, screams!
No one hears the cries of my heart.
Who cares anyway,
When the children hide in the cupboard,
Scared to get out,
And see the face of” the man”!
They shake,
Dressed in dirty clothes,
Cause, they have been hidding for a few day!
Blood, tears, screams,
Haggard face,
Taste of salt in the mouth,
Taste of death, in the soul!
Who cares anyway,
When she forgets herself,
Her legs folded,under her!
Her knees stiff with cold and pain.
They shut their heart!
They shut their eyes,
To the misery, of their neighbor!
They sit on their sofa,
Eating popcorn,
Drinking beer,
The TV screams!
Just to cover,
The gutural noises coming from next door!
Blood on the floor,
Piss on the carpet,
Excrements on her dress,
Vomit on her blouse!
She is dying slowy,
In the cocoon indifference of
Mr & Mrs Bloggs.
Her children,
Hiding in the cupboard,
Sleeping their fear and pain away,
While “the man,goes to the bar!*

MARCH 8th 2011
Women’ Day


http://www.calameo.com/read/000214305edc654b7870e check this issue of Pink Panther Magazine!


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