Women, Woe-men



July 19, 2011

“Day by day, reality has hit harder and harder!
The two last pieces tittled RAPE#1 and RAPE#2 are about not only the physical
act of man toward a woman, but the psychological and the soul rape that one can encounter and experience in life, when been broken, smashed, by certain kinds of people who have no respect for you.
No respect for who you are, as a human being!
As a woman!
You feel despossed of yourself!
You feel, dirty, naked, humiliated, broken!
Your flesh and soul and spirit seem to be totally raw, with scars.
Perversity can have many faces, and some we find in places of work.
Torn apart by people who have only your downfall at heart.
Made the laughing stock of collegues.
Some can be “persecuted” in a very suttle way.
But what do they gain from their action?

karo evans copyright july 2011



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